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Mourning in America: Resisting the “New Normal” in a Time of Trump

It’s the end of the world as we know it. And I DON’T feel fine. None of this is fine. It is so NOT fine that even 4 days after the apparent Electoral College victory of a bloviating, short-fingered conman … Continue reading

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Her Mama’s Daughter: Cecile Richards Sits Down Before Mansplainers & Stands Up for Women

It was a creepy spectacle. After a summer of bizarre anti-woman shenanigans and hoaxy, apparently horrifying videos, the leader of Planned Parenthood was summoned before an Congressional hearing in which mostly white men aggressively and rudely displayed their lack of … Continue reading

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Women of the World, Incorporate! You Have Nothing to Lose but Your Chain Stores.

If corporations are people, then people, let’s incorporate! Continue reading

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It Was a Very Good Year: Adieu 2012, Bienvenue 2013

As we freefall Wile E. Coyote-style down the fiscal cliff — or the fiscal curb, for you Lawrence O’Donnell acolytes out there — and continue to recover from the horrors of Sandy, Sandy Point and Mittens, the realists here at … Continue reading

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G-d, No: RIP in the Atheist Afterworld, Christopher Hitchens

The brilliant, eloquent, witty political writer is dead. And even though he famously opined about how women aren’t funny, his passing hurts my heart. Continue reading

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The Revolution Will Not Be Commercialized: Shame on You, Daily Candy

Daily Candy is like an acquaintance I picked up through a friend I no longer talk to and can no longer remember why we’re still in touch but haven’t yet had the heart to cut loose. Until today. I subscribed … Continue reading

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Sweetheart, Get Me Rewrite: Other Things I Might Have Said to Nancy Pelosi at Crissy Field

You never know who you’re going to run into at Crissy Field. Yesterday, I ran into Speaker Pelosi. Here’s what I wish I told her. Continue reading

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