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A Maverick Masterpiece: SFSymphony Celebrates Steve Reich at 80

Is Steve Reich’s “Different Trains” the sneakiest piece of Holocaust art ever? At first, it sounds like a garden-variety Laurie Anderson-inspired piece of electronica. But then it turns into something different and wonderful and even a little horrible.   Advertisements

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Not Kids, but Still All Right: The Who @50

People (still) try to put us down. Just because we…well, I was never really sure why, except it always seems there’s money or cred or culture to be made in the generation gaps.

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February Wrap-Up: Margaret Cho, Batkid & Other Super Heroes

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On a “Cold, Gray Night,” Wilson Sisters Leave Heart in San Francisco

On a cold, gray night, the Wilson Sisters left their Heart in San Francisco. Continue reading

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It Was a Very Good Year: Adieu 2012, Bienvenue 2013

As we freefall Wile E. Coyote-style down the fiscal cliff — or the fiscal curb, for you Lawrence O’Donnell acolytes out there — and continue to recover from the horrors of Sandy, Sandy Point and Mittens, the realists here at … Continue reading

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Post-Playatic Dustress Disorder: KarenWorldUSA Returns to Burning Man

KarenWorld returns to Burning Man in 2012. Last year’s Coney Island of the Mind gives way to a more physical, visceral happening. Continue reading

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The Smartest Men in the World: Greg Proops Hosts SF Sketchfest Tribute to Eddie Izzard

For 10 years, SF Sketchfest felt like my own personal holiday: The schedule arrived in my inbox in late December, like a holiday newsletter I actually wanted to read, and I acted quickly to snag tix to shows, tributes and … Continue reading

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