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Sandra Bernhard Is the Sandra Bernhard of Earth: The Regency Ballroom, May 1, 2015

“They say, ‘Beirut is the Paris of the Middle East.’ No, it’s not,” she retorts, in her trademark blend of honesty and irritation. “Beirut is the Beirut of the Middle East. Paris is the Paris of France.” Continue reading

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February Wrap-Up: Margaret Cho, Batkid & Other Super Heroes

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Meeting Comedy Heroes 2: Laughing with Jennifer Saunders in London

KarenWorldUSA goes to London and meets one of her all-time comedy sheroes, the great Jennifer Saunders! Continue reading

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Meeting Your Heroes and Learning from Them: Writing Skits with Kevin McDonald

There’s an implicit danger in meeting one’s heroes, namely what will you do — how will you feel — if they don’t live up to your image of them? For childhood or longtime heroes, the stakes are even higher, as … Continue reading

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The Smartest Men in the World: Greg Proops Hosts SF Sketchfest Tribute to Eddie Izzard

For 10 years, SF Sketchfest felt like my own personal holiday: The schedule arrived in my inbox in late December, like a holiday newsletter I actually wanted to read, and I acted quickly to snag tix to shows, tributes and … Continue reading

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The Comic Awesomesauce of Madeline Kahn Caps the Best Xmas Ever

It’s tough to be a Jew on Christmas. That much we know. But after years of trying the stereotypical movie-and-Chinese food thing, or the just pretend-it’s-a-regular-day-off thing, I think I finally nailed it. Xmas 2011 was a delight. Delish outdoor … Continue reading

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A Cool Jewish Clubhouse: Tikva Records Pop-Up Store Opens in the Mission

The Tikvah Records Jewish music pop-up store — a cool Jewish clubhouse of sorts — opened tonight. Music events, kitschy album-cover perusing and CD sales run through the December 28. Continue reading

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