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Mourning in America: Resisting the “New Normal” in a Time of Trump

It’s the end of the world as we know it. And I DON’T feel fine. None of this is fine. It is so NOT fine that even 4 days after the apparent Electoral College victory of a bloviating, short-fingered conman … Continue reading

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Grab Them by the Ballot Box: Shitstorm 2016 Winds Down with Whimpers, Whines & Weiners

The neverending 2016 presidential election is at long last going out with no bangs and plenty of whimper.

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A Maverick Masterpiece: SFSymphony Celebrates Steve Reich at 80

Is Steve Reich’s “Different Trains” the sneakiest piece of Holocaust art ever? At first, it sounds like a garden-variety Laurie Anderson-inspired piece of electronica. But then it turns into something different and wonderful and even a little horrible.  

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Patsy, Eddy & Hillary: Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves

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Not Kids, but Still All Right: The Who @50

People (still) try to put us down. Just because we…well, I was never really sure why, except it always seems there’s money or cred or culture to be made in the generation gaps.

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How Can You Just Leave Me Standing?

Alone. In a world that’s so cold? This is what it sounds like when Prince dies. The newsday went from disbelief to shock to sadness to tears to memes. The 5 stages of celebrity loss that lead to instant nostalgia, … Continue reading

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In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb’s Lettuce Salad

March saw some of us in KarenWorld getting significantly older, while some of our childhood s/heroes stopped aging altogether — and not because of some splendid new face cream.

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