How Can You Just Leave Me Standing?


In a world that’s so cold?

This is what it sounds like when Prince dies.

The newsday went from disbelief to shock to sadness to tears to memes. The 5 stages of celebrity loss that lead to instant nostalgia, or in this case a purple haze of “WTF?”

This is what it looked like the first time I saw Prince. This is also what it looked like the last time I saw Prince. (I only saw him live once.)

We were sitting way up high on this side of the stadium. And from there, we could see a guy in a Speedo and trench coat playing a guitar, but we couldn’t really hear him and didn’t really know who he was. So, we went for a walk to pick up our KLOS “rainbow” bumper stickers, which I guarded preciously for 2 years, until I could drive. Yes, I saw Prince open for the Rolling Stones when I was 14. My mom bought me the ticket. At Ticketron. For $15.


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