Tell Me When It’s Over: 2013 Goes Out with a Jangle, 2014 Comes in with a Head Cold

What a year! What a life! What a KarenWorld!

We’re a week-and-a-half into 2014, and I’m STILL trying to process 2013, a year of transitions, adventures, new beginnings, old favorites, hopes and dreams (Syndicate). But now that we’re finally (finally?) over my hideous New Year’s Day head cold, it’s time to try.

While it’s true that 2013 was pretty sparse, post-wise, it was extremely eventful in the real world. We did a bit of traveling and a lot of work on ourselves. We also went out.

From Garfunkel and Oates at Sketchfest in February to Sparks at the Chapel in April, and from the magically delicious Jazz Combustion Uprising CD release party in July to the wacky, francophilic Oulipo (Workshop for Potential Literature) event at the Mechanics’ Institute in November, KarenWorld got around. We were just so focused on being in the moment, we didn’t always get around to sharing it with the Interweb.

The year wrapped up with a rollicking, time-traveling LA Paisley Underground reunion show at the Fillmore. Coming so closely on the heels of the passing of one of our major rock and roll role models, it was a nice reminder that if you live long enough you can meet — or at least stand a few feet away from — pretty much all of your music heroes.

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